Bacterial Artificial Chromosome Data Management (BACMan) is a Microsoft Access based application designed for the management and analysis of hybridization data related to the high throughput screening of large insert genomic libraries associated with physical mapping projects. BACMan integrates information from the entire process involved in BAC based hybridization screening so that final hybridization data are tractable through individual autoradiographs, probe preparation, and gridding of the blots used in the experiment. All BAC library plates and autoradiographs are indexed using a barcode system both to facilitate this data tracking and to ensure quality control. This barcode system also allows for computer-assisted scoring of autoradiographs and therefore increases the potential throughput of an individual user. BACMan also facilitates the design and deconvolution of pooled probe multiplexed experiments to maximize data generation, and allows for interoperability with FPC.


The current features of BACMan v2.1 include:


The full BACMan suite download includes includes a self installing package that includes the full set of programs that are used by PGML for physical mapping. The individual packages may also be downloaded separately. By downloading this software you agree to abide by the GNU General Public License.

FULL BACMAN SUITE - This self installing package includes all of the following packages as well as the BACMan manual.

The use of this full suite of packages is described in the BACMan User Manual.

User Manual - (pdf|MS Word)

An extensive user manual describing the entire BACMan suite is available in both pdf and microsoft word formats. This manual includes an in depth discussion of pooled probe multiplex experiment design and deconvolution. It also includes step by step instructions for using the BACMan film scoring and error checking methods. All tables and forms are extensively documented within the user manual.

Online Database Access

Online database access to BACMan databases is currently supported as a set of PHP scripts that access a MySQL version of the BACMan database. Examples of these scripts in action at PGML are available for our grasses database and for cotton.


We would like everyone who uses this software to register with us so that we can track the people that are using the  BACMan package. A registration protocol will be established shortly.

Author: James Estill
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