BACGrid: BAC Data Processing Macro for MS Word


BACGrid is a component of the BACMan BAC Data Management package. The BACGrid program is an automated scoring system for the scoring of dot blot films resulting from hybridization screening of large insert genomic libraries. This software is no longer under active development but anyone else is welcome to take over development of this package. It is a great free alternative to Optical Character Recognition.

The following files are available for download. All files must be installed in the C:/Program Files/PGMLSoft/BACMan directory. Development for the BACGrid scoring software stopped in January 2002.


The features of the BACGrid scoring program include:

Download BACGrid Files

BACGrid is available for download from the BACMan SourceForge Web Site. The current version is This zipped file contains all of the files necessary to run BACGrid. The source code is included in the doc and xls files.

BACGrid Help

These files are all available from the BACGrid help command.


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Author: James Estill
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