BACGrid 1.0 Help

BACGrid 1.0 is a program designed to speed up data entry from hand scored overlays of BAC Films. BACGrid is a component of the Microsoft Access application: BACMan; however, it can be used as a stand alone application. BACGrid requires that MSOffice 2000 be installed with both MSWord and MSExcel.

The generalized steps for using BACGrid to digitize scored overlay data are:

  1. Change necessary options
  2. Import scanned image of grid.
  3. Align grid image with red overlay grid using the mouse and keyboard arrow keys.
  4. Type numerical hit data in cells.
  5. Run the BacAutoScore routine to automatically transfer scored data to Excel.
The newly scored data will be appended to an Excel spreadsheet, and the scored grid image will be moved to the scored folder. Once the data has been transferred, all typed data will be erased from the red scoring grid, and the image will be removed from the scoring template. You should save your data in Excel periodically to avoid any loss of data due to a system crash.

For specific information on using individual components of BACGrid, follow the links below:

Author: James Estill
Last Updated: Monday, 13 June 2005 Logo