BACGrid options are available from the BACGrid pull-down menu.

The following options must be set properly for BACGrid to work. It is always a good idea to check these settings before you begin a scoring session since a previous user may have changed them.

File Name Length
BACGrid will not work if this value is not set correctly. This represents the number of characters that make up the file name of the grid images. For example, the image 20011005012.TIF is fifteen characters in length while the file M1036.TIF is nine characters in length. The default setting is 15.
User Initials
This setting can be used to track users inputting data. The initials will be transferred to the Excel Spreadsheet. The program can work properly if this option is left blank, and the default setting is blank.
Grid Pattern
The grid pattern refers to the placement of BAC arrays on the blot. The options are (1) UGA Format and (2) Wing Format. The default setting is UGA Array.

Button Functions

Author: James Estill
Last Updated: Monday, 13 June 2005
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