Scanning and Naming Grid Images

Scanning Images

Although you may scan images directly into BACGrid, it is recommend that a separate application be used to scan grid images. All image files that are compatible with MS Word can be used for the application. You can not rotate the grid image from within BACGrid. Therefore, it is very important that the scanned image be aligned properly when scanned or that the image rotation can be modified within the software used to scan the image. Software such as Adobe Photoshop allow this sort of image manipulation.

The recommended parameters for scanning images are:

Naming Images

The name of the image will be used to fill in the film identification column in the MS Excel datasheet. Therefore, it is important that all scanned images follow the same naming convention where the length of the file name is consistent, and the name refers to the identification of the film. For example, the image named 20011210045.TIF is 15 characters long and refers to film number 45 from the experiment on December 10, 2001. Film 78 from the same date would be saved as 20011210078.TIF. You must use the options menu to change the name length of the image file.

Author: James Estill
Last Updated: Monday, 13 June 2005 Logo